Heal thyself

The doctor who first suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and autism is to be charged with serious professional misconduct, it is reported.

The Independent newspaper reports that the General Medical Council will accuse Mr Andrew Wakefield of carrying out “inadequately founded” research

I cannot find the link, but I remember a radio story from a couple of years back about a county in the Washington D.C. area and their unique way of dealing with parents who refused to let their children have the MMR vaccine. All such children were barred from attending public schools. The attitude was that parents may, if they choose, expose their children to risk, but they may not self-indulgently endanger the health of other children.

I wish a local authority in the UK had done likewise. I imagine there are legal implications in such a move, but it would have brought this issue to a head long before Mr. Wakefield……..sorry, Dr. Wakefield, was dragged before a GMC disciplinary hearing.

I won’t mention Wakefield’s paper first appeared in the esteemed Lancet.

Oops…too late!