Blogging with Alastair

Good news: Alastair Campbell, noted Burnley supporter and former Labour spinmeister, has kindly agreed to take some of the male blogging flack with his ‘Labour’s World Cup 2006 Blog’.

Only two entries so far, but what material. In his first entry, Alastair has wasted no time in taking on the staunchest of male blogging critics: female newspaper columnists.

“Within a matter of few days, we will have that four yearly rash of women newspaper columnists suddenly imagining that the world needs to know their views on Ronaldinho, or how confused they get that there is a Ronaldo playing for Brazil and another playing for Portugal, who have a Brazilian manager who almost came to England but it never happened because England have to have an English manager but isn’t it very confusing because at the moment they have a Swede in charge with a glamorous girlfriend and what a coincidence that England will play Sweden in the opening stages.

“Blah, blah, blah. Memo to columnists who have never been to a football match – we don’t care what you think. Take a holiday.”

In his second post, Alastair admits that he’s “never really been into this blogging business before”, but is heartened by his ability to provoke something of a reaction and wind up the Daily Mail (a laudable pastime).

“Of course the Daily Mail are in on the act, their star reporters digging round trying to find out whether I’ve got tickets for England games (are those Paul Dacre muppets sad or what?) I haven’t by the way but any website visitors with a few spare can contact me through the press office.

“Also stand by for a few Dacre-ette female columnists to take amiss at the comments re them.”