Dress Down Friday

Eavesdropping on Nazis

The Ministry of Truth has donned the rubber galoshes, in order to wade through the sewer of the Stormfront “white Nationalist community”, in search of a man who calls himself “Steve Freedom”

‘Steve Freedom’ is the online alias used by Simon Smith, the newly elected BNP councillor for Great Bridge in Sandwell, on the white ‘nationalist’ forum ‘Stormfront’, which means that what you’re about to read are some of the comments and forum posts that Simon has been making over the last five years (he joined the forum in 2001 and has made more than 2,100 forum posts to date), comments that strip away the carefully sanitised, voter-friendly image that the BNP has been at great pains to project in recent years.

This is Simon writing in what he thinks is a safe zone, amongst people who share his prurient views and appalling values and under an alias that precludes him being easily identified. What we have here is the real Simon Smith, warts and all – it makes for very illuminating reading.

Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, put aside half an hour, and read through the Ministry of Truth’s excavation of the mind of “Steve Freedom”.

If anybody ever suggests to you that the BNP are in any way a ‘reformed’ party, or you’re ever in doubt that it is a fully fledged Nazi party, bookmark the Ministry of Truth’s article, and give yourself a jolt of reality.

In other news, three of the BNP’s new councillors in Barking and Dagenham have been taken to court for owing thousands of pounds in rent and council tax.