Ronaldinho or Lindsey German?

The full programme for the SWP’s trade-description act busting event Marxism 2006 has been published.

Oddly the dates chosen for the event are July 6-10 which leaves the masses of angry workers a difficult choice between discussions such as ‘Lenin and Bukharin on imperialism’ or watching the final stages of the World Cup.

Much as I love football, I have to see even I’d be tempted to skip the third placed play-off to listen to Yvonne Ridley on ‘Sleeping with the enemy – the truth about embedding media’.

Any readers planning to attend that or any other debates at ‘Marxism’ 2006 (I’m particularly interested in ‘What will the revolution look like?’) are invited to send reports, serious or otherwise, to Harry’s Place via any of the contact emails on the left.