Galloway Explores New Orifice

Here’s the text of the most recent George Galloway speech for those who haven’t realised quite what a comical piece of work he is.

It’s chock full of praise for Bashar al-Assad, the Baathist President of Syria. The translation is a little rough but Galloway’s attitude to bloodstained dictators comes through nice and clear.

President Bashar al-Assad’s speech is a pride for every honest and free Arab, British MP said in a dialogue symposium in Damascus University yesterday.
Pressures which Syria is exposed to comes in the framework of the US-Zionist schemes to hegemony the region and size its treasures…

Something tells me Galloway knows more about regional treasure than he lets on.

Gene adds: When will the British media start reporting on Galloway’s latest defense of a wretched totalitarian? I can’t wait to read all about it on the Respect and SWP websites.

Harry adds: Never let it be said that Galloway ignores those brave enough to stand up to dictatorships:

He also criticized those who call themselves as “ Syrian opposition” clarifying that the real national opposition is to stand by your country and not against it to serve own interests at the expense of the peoples blood.

“ The strong national unity and religious coexistence that Syria enjoys will be a well-fortified front in the face of all the greedy who work to draw a new map for the region through dividing it into small conflicted states easy to be controlled on the pretext of spreading democracy.” Galloway said.