Considering the alternative, maybe we can wait

In case you missed it, Wednesday November 2– the first anniversary of President Bush’s reelection– marked the beginning of a mass movement to drive him out of office before his term officially ends in January 2009.

The day was marked by scattered demonstrations, including a march by about 2,000 in San Francisco.

The campaign was lauched by an organization called The World Can’t Wait, which appears to be the latest front group for the shadowy Maoists of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Judging from the WCW’s amusingly belligerent FAQ page, they don’t seem very anxious to hide the fact:

Q: But aren’t there communists in World Can’t Wait?

A: Yeah, there are. Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party helped initiate it…

They don’t seem terribly hung up on Constitutional procedures either:

Q: But who will replace Bush? Won’t it just be worse?

A: To answer the second question first, no, it won’t be worse; it will be much, much better, it will be like removing a forty-pound tumor from your gut…

And, by the way, there won’t be a “President Cheney” either — this movement is going to send Bush, Cheney and the rest of those fascists packing, and they can take their whole damn program with them.

Q: Yes, but what does come next?

A: Again, the first thing that “comes next” will be an energized people, in their millions, that have lifted their heads and are finally acting for basic social justice. After that, there are people in “World Can’t Wait” who are working for everything from impeachment to communist revolution. And isn’t debating that out a hell of a lot better than talking about “how much more can we take before we move to Canada?”

There’s no question which direction the RCP folks want to take things after leading the revolutionary masses in ousting Bush, Cheney, etc. RCP member Clark Kissinger (in whose name the World Can’t Wait website domain is registered) made that clear some years ago in an interview with Seattle Times journalist Geov Parrish. According to Parrish, in an article on the leftwing website, “I still have vivid memories of Kissinger explaining calmly to me once why, when the RCP took over, it would be necessary to shoot everyone who didn’t agree with them.”

The RCP is under the control of the mysterious Bob Avakian, a cultish figure and an apparent Mao wannabe, who has been living in self-imposed exile in France since leaving the US in 1980. According to a worshipful account in the RCP publication Revolutionary Worker:

The Central Committee of the RCP hereby enthusiastically reaffirms its respect, love, and firm support for Comrade Avakian and his role as Chair of the Central Committee of the RCP, USA.

As part of stepping up our collective struggle to better meet the challenges and opportunities of these times, the Central Committee hereby urges all Party members and revolutionary-minded people to further ponder and discuss what exactly constitutes genuine revolutionary leadership, and to reflect on, and learn from, the particular role and contributions of the Chairman of our Central Committee in that context.

The Central Committee also hereby reaffirms our determination to prevent the enemy from silencing Chairman Avakian’s crucial revolutionary voice or denying the revolutionary masses his revolutionary leadership, and our renewed determination to ensure that his guidance and methodology will reach an ever widening audience.

The Central Committee of the RCP,USA hereby urges all revolutionary- minded people to join us in this dedication.

I’m not terribly worried about Chairman Avakian and Clark Kissinger coming to power any time soon. But what interests me is the utter naivete or incuriousity or stupidity (or some combination thereof) displayed by some of the well-known endorsers of the WCW’s “Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime”– among them Edward Asner, Steve Earle, Eve Ensler, Jane Fonda, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Alice Walker and Cornel West.

I suspect the RCP would be pleased to eliminate such unreliable elements if they ever got the chance.

(Hat tip: Judeosphere.)

Update: David Adler has more about the RCP-WCW connection.