Anti Fascism


Five White supremacists – members of a group called “Volunteer Force” – have been jailed for a total of 15 years after being convicted of various racial hatred-related offences, and publishing “a magazine with instructions on how to make bombs for a “racial holy war“.

Waseem Mughal and Younis Tsouli, both 22, were charged with conspiracy to murder and to cause an explosion…He was also accused of having two pieces of paper in his bedroom – one with the words in Arabic “Welcome to Jihad” and the other “Hospital = attack”.

Dozens of Muslim grave stones have been smashed and pushed over in a cemetery in Handsworth in Birmingham…Leaflets were scattered, with insults against Muslims which were attributable to “Black Nation”.

UPDATE: The Pickles reckon that the gravestone smashing is the work of the (white nationalist) far right. I have to say that this was my immediate reaction: although I have to admit, I’ve little more than a gut feeling that this is who is responsible. Grave desecrations are the traditional M.O. of white nationalists …