Anti Fascism

Galloway: More on the Red-Brown Coalition

Galloway’s RESPECT party makes a lot of noise about its anti-fascist credentials.

The reality, as we know, is that Galloway not only coalition builds with the far right Muslim Brotherhood. He also stands shoulder to shoulder with European fascists in his campaign to free the Baathist apparatchik, Tariq Aziz.

Here’s another interesting snapshot the coalescence of Galloway’s politics with the European far right. (Also, here, and in very rough translation here and here)

George Galloway’s co-participants in this 2002 round table discussion – La pulizia etnica anti-Araba nel Vicino Oriente voluta da Londra e Washington – include:

Francis van den Eynde MP: a Member of Parliament for the neo-fascist Vlaams Blok in Belgium

Olivier Wyssa is billed as an “expert on the International Right”. And indeed he is: he’s an offical of the neo-fascist Front Nationale in France.

Giles Munier: who – unlike Galloway – proudly admitted taking Oil for Food money from Saddam in order to propagandise for the lifting of sanctions.

No platform for racists and fascists” used to be the slogan of the Socialist Workers’ Party.
Nowadays, they’re up there on the platform, making common cause with them.