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Columnists Collected

Can’t remember which newspaper commentator is backing which particular Tory leadership challenger?

Reactionary Pete is here to help:

Melanie Phillips:

Could we really entrust the leadership of this country to a man who would rather spend the weekend at the Glastonbury festival than at an EU Summit? Would you want the nuclear button to be pressed by someone who had the munchies? Would you want to see a man being interviewed by Jonathan Dimbleby, suddenly getting flashbacks to his Vietnam experience?
The fact that none of these questions are even being asked by our supine media speaks volumes about the social nihilism of a country that has lost its moral compass.

Robert Fisk:

The poor people of Basra aren’t too worked up about who will become the next leader of the Conservative party. They know all about rigged elections. They know all about George W. Bush.
Saddam Hussein, on the other hand, was elected with 98% of the vote. That didn’t stop the Americans from toppling him though. Could that plight be awaiting David Cameron?


It was a prog rock gig in the mid-eighties at the Electric Ballroom when I first caught a glimpse. It had been a long tiring day spent leafleting for the Young Communists, and so for light relief, the Hounslow branch had decided we all need a good long night of psychedelic music. Steve Hillage had just embarked on another of his two hour guitar solos, and I had gone outside to catch some fresh air. I needn’t spell out why. And there, alongside me, was a bunch of students from the Young Conservatives, just down from Henley. One of them, their ringleader, who even then brimmed with a quiet authority, was David Cameron.

He’s got the full deck of cards – Alice Thomson, Simon Jenkins, Matthew Parris, Will Hutton, Nick Cohen, Gary Younge, Polly Toynbee, Mark Steyn, Michael Portillo, Zoe Williams, Bruce Anderson, George Monbiot, Deborah Orr, Michael Gove, and last but certainly not least Madeleine Bunting.