Two thousand

If anyone has missed me, I apologize for the recent absence of posts. Strictly due to extended computer problems, despite whatever dark theories may be flying around. I hope to resume more regular blogging shortly.

A couple of brief thoughts on the widely-remarked-on death of the 2,000th US soldier in Iraq:

–Every one of those deaths is a terrible tragedy and every one of those who gave their lives deserves the greatest respect and honor. They have died for the liberation of an oppressed people. We on the pro-liberation Left must help ensure they didn’t die in vain.

–Many of those deaths were at least indirectly a result of the Bush administration’s mistakes and failures. The burden is especially strong on the pro-liberation Left to demand more competence and accountability. For many right-wing supporters of the war, it’s always been more about supporting the Bush administration than about supporting Iraqis struggling for democracy. As Bush’s political problems mount, that support may start to drift away. That makes it all the more important that those of us for whom the Iraqis have been the highest priority make our voices heard.