Anything happened today?

This is cruel and childish but what the hell.

Let’s have a look at what the Stopperblogs have been talking about on the day when the Iraqi constitution was passed by a thumping majority, securing the framework of a democratic, federal political system for the Iraqi people.

Oh and much less importantly but still…. on the day when the leader of the British (and American?) anti-war movement was exposed once again for what he is.

Let’s start with the cleverer end of the Stopposphere, Crooked Timber.

Headline samples: ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman’, a post about a pop video and from Benjy’s mate Daniel ‘Dsquared’ Davies comes the stimulating topic of – Hey, have you seen that Guinness advert?

Oh well, each to their own. But surely hardcore activist Lenin will have something to say about the first democratic constitution in the Arab world? Well, he says he has some positive news so let’s see…..

The good news is that there is a cantata celebrating/commemorating the tragically short life of Rachel Corrie.

Well, that’s great but…..

At least Dead Men Left does recognise that Galloway is in the news a bit today:

The usual anti-Galloway lynch-mob are thrashing themselves into a veritable frenzy over all this. They don’t seem to have learned from past experience that their expectations will be disappointed.

So he hasn’t bothered to read the reports then.

On the group blog The Sharpener* where there are many more writers surely someone has noticed that the Iraqi consitution has been passed? Sadly it seems a review of the weekend’s telly will have to do us.

Not really sure what Matthew Turner is on about – so no change there while Backword Dave says: I will pledge £10 to a fund to buy a peerage from Tony Blair but only if 50,000 other people will too. Whatever, Dave.

Top Guardian and New Statesman columnist ‘Middle East and Balkans expert’ Neil ‘Chetnik’ Clark has been busy posting on his new blog with the wit and panache you’d expect from a man who gets turned on by state-owned bookshops in Belgrade.

Medialens? They must have something. Ah this is promising, The Two Davids, the Sven and Tord of the anti-war left, have put out a special ‘alert’ to all their members today. It’s called THOUGHT CONTROL AND ‘PROFESSIONAL’ JOURNALISM.

Erm, moving quickly along.

Indymedia UK?

Successful Anarchist Bookfair Marred by Police Attack

Right. Perhaps we should leave it there.

* My apologies to the bloggers at The Sharpener. They aren’t an anti-war blog and it was wrong of me to imply they might be by including them in this round-up. They are a group blog with writers of varying viewpoints including some pro-liberation writers. I stand corrected.