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“A Question of Leadership”: Panorama editor responds

Mike Robinson, the editor of Panorama responds in full to the MCB’s specific criticisms:

Panorama made absolutely clear that its focus was on sectarian statements coming from some Muslim organisations. There was nothing in the film which criticised Muslims as a community or Islam as a religion. In my view the MCB’s unfair and unjustified characterisation of the programme as “Islamophobic” is a grotesque distortion of the film.

The programme’s purpose was to reflect, inform and generate debate in the Muslim community and the wider population, about the nature and direction of the leadership of British Muslims. In the light of the London bombings this is a debate which many Muslims, to whom we spoke, believe is long overdue. They raised important questions about all the issues to which we drew attention. As this debate goes forward I very much hope that you will desist from unwarranted and wildly inaccurate attacks on the honesty of our journalism and the good faith of the Panorama team.

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