Once more into the creepy zone

Another delightful stroll with Alex and George through the creepy zone:

“There is a very real danger because you have elements within the state, you have the Richard Pearle [sic] ‘axis of evil’ snarling ‘you’re next’ at this country or that country and yet the circumstance on the ground, the political collapse of the Bushites in the United States, the resistance in Iraq having taken such a terrible toll…is making the idea of another war simply ridiculous…and yet there are those in this Neo-Con, Zionist, Christian Fundamentalist axis that really are itching to get as much of this agenda pushed on whilst they still have the reins of power. So you cannot discount some kind of provocation being staged by those elements who want to propel the US into an even more disastrous invasion”

Mr Galloway suggests that it is not beyond the realms of imagination for a situation to arise where the power hungry elite in the US uses staged provocation to drag Iran into a geopolitical set-to, using Israel as the hammer. If this were to happen, the consequences could be as far reaching as to start a third world war which would be devastating for humanity.

This would provide the authorities with the perfect excuse to set up a police state domestically to regulate the activities of everyone and have complete control.

“…That’s right, it’s Orwellian, it’s 1984, the permanent division of the world into warring blocs, for the profit of a few at the cost of the misery of the many, and we have to refuse this in every way we can.” Galloway states.

Of course, the past masters of government sponsored terrorism were the Zionists, who created the condition in the Arab countries, and in some European countries to stampede the Jewish populations out of the countries they had been living in for many hundreds years and get them into a Zionist state. Galloway comments:

“Suddenly Jewish people who had been the victims of Christian persecution suddenly saw their Synagogues being blown up, their countries being attacked and all kinds of provocations being staged so packed their bags and moved to occupied Palestine, then to be called Israel.”

…The Zionist movement, as it is well documented, funded Hitler before World War Two and many of the figurehead of Zionism were not and are not Jews.

“The reality is these people have used Jewish people, and they have used them with this ideology of Zionism, to create this little Hitler State on the Mediterranean, to act as an advance guard for their own interests in the Arab world, and we’re all paying for it, the Palestinians have paid for it, the Arabs have paid for it, and now the American people are paying for it, and why should we?”

When Galloway teams up with a conspiracy-obssessed libertarian nutjob, he really lets loose, doesn’t he?

(Via Normblog.)