Another View

David Lacy, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland offers a different response to Islamist terrorism and its enablers to that offered by Church of England bishops yesterday:

SCOTLAND’S most senior churchman says extremist Muslim clerics should leave the country, and has branded them “hypocrites” who treat their neighbours as “enemies”.

Church of Scotland Moderator, Rev David Lacy, also accuses radical Islamists of speaking out “against us from within” while receiving “heart operations and care on our system”.

He added that those who believed it was Christian to “turn the other cheek” to such extremism were misunderstanding the Gospel message

Strong stuff. But what do Scotland’s Muslims make of it? Surely this sort of inflammatory speech just divides ethnic communities and leads muslims to believe there is no solution but to turn away from the path of peaceful coexistance towards Jihad?

Ashraf Anjum, president of the Islamic Centre in Glasgow, said: “He is right. Anyone who comes to this country, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, whatever, should obey the law and not attack this country. The overwhelming majority of Muslims will agree with him.”

Hat tip: Alan in the comments