Holy Fools

Bishops in the the Church of England have published a report entitled Countering Terrorism, Power, Violence and Democracy Post 9/11.

Highlights include:

The bishops, who strongly opposed the war in Iraq, want Christian leaders to express their repentance in an “act of truth and reconciliation” for the West’s contribution to the problems in Iraq.

The proposal for a public apology comes in a new report published today. In the report, the bishops plead for more “understanding” of what motivates terrorists. They criticise Western democracies as “deeply flawed” and accuse the US of dangerous expansionism.

Bishop Harries, the Church’s leading apologist for the Christian just-war theory, says: “The Churches have a particular message here based on biblical insights about fear and how playing on the fears of enemies makes for unwise policies.” He goes on to argue that to many people, it is not terrorism but American foreign policy and expansionism that constitute “the major threat to peace”.

The bishops plead for understanding of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The Church of England used to be known as the Tory party at prayer. Suggestions for a more up to date description in the comments box please.