Galloway tour update

Here’s the latest information I can find on George Galloway’s “Anywhere But Bethnal Green and Bow Tour” starting next week:

The website publicizing the tour has updated information on sponsors, venues and other speakers. The debate in New York with Hitchens is sold out.

Galloway has added three appearances in Toronto to his itenerary.

As I reported earlier, Jane Fonda will be joining him onstage in Madison and Chicago. According to The Sunday Times:

She was persuaded to join the MP’s travelling show by her friend, Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, after Fonda was impressed by Galloway’s pugnacious performance last spring in front of a senate committee investigating the United Nations oil-for-food scandal.
Winning Fonda’s support is a coup that will raise the MP’s profile in America. Organisers of his tour are hoping that Sean Penn, another leading Hollywood anti-war protester, will join Galloway on stage in Los Angeles.

The American organisers of the tour say up to 10,000 people will hear Galloway speak but they do not expect a profit.

I’ve got the leaflets printed and I’ll start mailing them Friday to those who have provided me with addresses. Anyone else?