A few facts

As David pointed out on Thursday, Dr. Sa’ad al-Faqih, author of a column in the Guardian yesterday, features on the United Nations Security Council list of individuals belonging to or associated with the Al-Qaida organisation.

According to information available to the U.S. Government, while head of MIRA, al-Faqih assumed the role of the al Qaida spokesperson in London following the arrest of senior Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist Yassir al-Sirri in 2001.

Al-Faqih also appears in a 1997 Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards report into complaints against George Galloway MP’s declaration of interests. The probe related to the Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights (CDLR) – an organisation headed by Al-Faqih.

8. Mr Galloway’s relationship with the CDLR was as an individual rather than through Hawk Communications. He described his role as attempting to “professionalise” the operation of the CDLR by providing advice on effective campaigning,[14] identifying professionals whose services would assist in this,[15] finding administrative staff,[16] organising travel and accommodation around the UK[17], advising on publications[18] and, in two cases, negotiating the provision of research by academics.[19]

The report looked into Galloway’s financial dealings with Al-Faqih and concluded that he had not breached house regulations.

A full list of transcripts and documents relating to the case are here.

(Hat Tip: Wardytron)

Update: See this Observer story from 2003.