Anti Fascism

Don’t plagiarise or “take on loan”

MPACUK, an affliate of the Stop the War Coalition was caught out yesterday “borrowing” a picture of a devil-like figure peering out from behind an American flag, to illustrate its article “Zionists Behind Terror Attacks”. The picture was sourced directly from a neo-nazi site.

MPAC responded thus:

MPACUK: We received a number of complaints that the original image used on this article was from a neo nazi web site. These complaints were not the normal tirade of abuse and insults we receive but seemed genuine. We checked this out and changed the image. The writer concerned picked the image from a google image search and did not view the image in it’s website before picking it for the article.

I wonder what the search term was.

Anyhow, here’s another similar example of the sort of stuff MPACUK “accidentally” puts on its website, through no fault of its own.

Like the MAB/Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb’ut Tahrir, MPAC are keen not to be thought of as a racist organisation: which all three are. So I’d expect them to take this article down shortly.

But don’t worry. You can still read the article on David Irving’s “Action Report online”, which was posted two days before MPACUK put the article up.

In turn, David Irving’s site got the article from your friendly neighbourhood white supremacists, National Vanguard Online

UPDATE: Oh dear. The article has gone from an 80% approval rating to 60%