Stoned in Soho?

According to the website 365gay.com: Qatar’s 25 year old Crown Prince Tameem Bin Hamad Al-Thani has been outed in a Dubai-based publication.

Aljazeera, quoting a Qatar-based Islamic website, reports that the prince and two other Qataris were involved in a bar fight at G.A.Y. one of the biggest gay nightclubs in Britain.

Aljazeera Magazine reports that the heir to the throne of Qatar and two others, one of whom as described as the prince’s “partner” have been barred from the club.

The report quotes police as saying that the three men exchanged blows with locals at the club.

“Prince Tameem and his partner were not charged. However, they will be banned from visiting this club for 30 days,” a police spokesperson is quoted as saying.

365Gay.com has not been able to verify the details. Because no charges were laid there is no official police record of the alleged incident. The Qatar embassy in London did not immediately.

Anyway, who cares?

Well, London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s ‘moderate’ mate Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi does. He gave this quote to Al-jazeera magazine:

“The scholars of Islam, such as Malik, Ash-Shafi`i, Ahmad and Ishaaq said that (the person guilty of this crime) should be stoned, whether he is married or unmarried.”