Anti Fascism

A different kind of bigotry

If The Guardian is seeking a replacement for Dilpazier Aslam, it could do worse than hire someone like Mona Eltahawy.

Since 7/7, most of the criticism of non-Muslims by Muslims (and vice versa) has been rather predictable. So it was interesting to see Eltahawy (a Muslim) criticize non-Muslims from a very different perspective.

I was against the invasion of Iraq and would not have voted for George Bush if I were a U.S. citizen, but I’m done with the “George Bush made me do it” excuse. We must accept responsibility for this mess if we are ever to find a way out.

And for those non-Muslims who accept the George Bush excuse, I have a question: Do you think Muslims are incapable of accepting responsibility? It is at least in some way bigoted to think that Muslims can only react violently.

Yes. And it’s time to start calling the “leftwing” apologists for gruesome acts of terror (as long as they’re committed by dark-skinned people) exactly what they are: bigots of the worst sort.

(Note: With trepidation, I will open this thread to comments. But I won’t hesitate to delete offensive comments or close the comments box if necessary.)