Anti Fascism

A view from Australia

Read Adem Somyurek, the Labor Party MP for Eumemmerring in The Age.

The profiles of the London bombers are all too familiar to any person who has been involved with the Muslim community anywhere in the Western world. It’s a common story: young Muslim men discover Islam after leading a life of vice: drinking, gambling, meddling in drugs, womanising, then suddenly, without any warning, they are engrossed in Islam.

The initial transformation or conversion appears positive due to the disappearance of the past negative behaviour. For the overwhelming majority of these people, the acceptance of Allah brings about an inner peace and tranquillity that really is remarkable. In this case the conversion has been positive for society.

However, for a small minority, conversion brings to the surface in the individual a ferocious anger and zeal. Not satisfied to keep their newly found spirituality to themselves they constantly push it down everyone else’s throat (causing grief particularly to non-practising Muslims). They constantly condemn the “decadence of the West”, and are obsessed with the political injustices suffered by the international Muslim community.

The challenge for the Muslim community now in Australia and other parts of the Western world is to stand up to these psychopaths. Muslims must say enough is enough – we will not let a small lunatic fringe hijack the Muslim religion.

The Muslim community must weed out those that advocate violence or incite hatred of other sections of the community.

The Government should be pro-active in ensuring that Islam is mainstreamed, and that a version of Islam that is compatible with Australian society is propagated. This goes against the grain of our secular system of governance – but if the Government does not act other sinister forces will move to fill the vacuum and, I fear, poison the minds of our citizens.

Adem Somyurek mentions that he is a Muslim. What he says holds true, whatever his religion.

Hat tip: Geoffrey MG