Anti Fascism

Twin track

A thoughtful column in the Guardian from Brian Brivati:

The left responded to 9/11 by focusing on the motivations of the terrorists, the right by focusing on their capabilities. We need to attack both with long-term political, as well as security, initiatives. The outline of the political project already exists; our response to 7/7 should be to stress it with greater force. The operation of often western-backed elites has turned many in the Islamic world towards forms of fundamentalism, and a hard core towards theocratic fascism. Democratising those states must form an essential part of the left-of-centre political project for the region.

Maintaining the threat of military action, either unilaterally or with allies, is also a part of that policy. The use of hard power must remain at the forefront of the west’s defence against fascism in the interests both of our own security and of aiding the process of regime change in those countries that are still laboratories of terror.

The whole piece is here.