Anti Fascism

‘Always our fight’

Johann Hari:

In the scarred miles between each explosion – walking from Moorgate to Liverpool Street down to King’s Cross – you could see several fights taking shape yesterday that will grip us for years. The fight against Islamic fundamentalism became clearer. Anybody who tells you these bombers are fighting for the rights of Muslims in Iraq, occupied Palestine or Chechnya should look at the places they chose to bomb. Aldgate? The poorest and most Muslim part of the country. Edgware Road? The centre of Muslim and Arab life in London and, arguably, Europe.

Does anybody need greater evidence that these Islamic fundamentalists despise Muslims who choose to live in free societies, and they would enslave Muslims everywhere if they were given the opportunity? Nor is this tit-for-tat revenge for deaths in Iraq: very similar jihadist plots have been foiled in France and Germany, countries that opposed the invasion. Anybody who doubted that the fight against Islamic fundamentalism – a murderous totalitarian ideology – was always our fight should know better now.

and also:

If these attacks turn out to have been committed by British Muslims, we have to fight to prevent an outburst of rage against the wider Muslim community. If these attacks turn out to have been committed by rogue asylum seekers, we will have to batten down for a hard fight to defend the rights of refugees in this country.

…..This city was attacked by fascists before, and it will be attacked by fascists again. We will bury the dead and choose to not to live in fear. I’ll see you back on the tubes and on the buses tomorrow.