Down in the ‘hood

Last week Respect launched a major new campaign for, yes, ‘Hoodies’ Rights’.

The launch was planned for Elephant and Castle where a shopping centre had decided that people shouldn’t cover their faces up while lurking around Argos. There was much excitement with one SWP blogger talking excitedly about how “400 people” were behind the new movement.

But according to this community website, the SWP-Respect’s ‘mass protest’ was a little more, erm, modest:

Just fifteen people, and not a single person in a hood, was present at the start of a Respect for Hoodies demonstration.

…One police officer, one TV camera team and a Sunday Telegraph reporter had a long wait before some young people wearing hoods appeared the demonstration eventually began.

Respect condemned the ban on young people wearing hoods in the Elephant & Castle shopping centre as “an outrageous attack on civil liberties”.

So after trying and failing to ‘organise hoodies’ who will be the next oppressed community to be targetted by the increasingly desperate Respect?

Joy Riders Against the War? Chavs for Chavez?

Respect Hoodies protest against their oppression.

PS: Amusing to see that among the handful of hoody campaigners who turned out was Gordon McLennan, the old leader of the Communist Party of Great Britain and now a leader of an apparently pro-hoody pensioners group.