Not as desperate as you would think

I’ve been secretly enjoying, Demographic Shift,the diary of thirtysomething Gordon Macmillan, for sometime. I have been meaning to link to it for a while but was worried how I could do so while avoiding calling it a male, online version of Bridget Jones’ Diary – because that would be just too obvious.

Anyway, even if the idea of a male, online version of Bridget Jones’ Diary doesn’t appeal to you (and believe me it is much better than that – it’s actually funny for starters) if you have ever thought of attending one of those ‘dating evenings’ then you have to read Gordon’s account of his evening at a Greek-themed singles night.

I’ve done a lot of things in the name of dating, you know like blind date, retro date and even lesbians, but one thing I will not do is balance a plate on my head and dance around in a circle.

I mean, seriously, who does that? How desperate do you have to be? The answer, like so very often, is not nearly as desperate as you would think.