Galloway’s Nipple Friction

From The London Line:

George Galloway has sparked anger among his Muslim supporters by publishing a book they claim is “offensive”. The first offering from Friction, the Respect MP’s new publishing venture, proudly displays a semi-naked woman on its front. Now some influential Muslims who backed him at the general election say his Muslim following will fade.

“Part of the Muslim support doesn’t support Respect any more,” explained Qasi Mohammed Luth Fur Rahman, a cleric at the mosque who urged Muslims to vote for Respect in the run-up to May’s poll. “George Galloway has supported homosexual rights in the past and continues to support them – this book will cause more problems.”

While I defend Galloway’s right to publish a nipple if he wishes, aren’t those novels with semi-naked women on the cover just a bit naff and seventies? I haven’t seen a book cover like that since the last car boot sale I went to.