Two confessions

1. I frequently wear hooded tops.

So, I’m finally a member of a group who are being ‘demonised’. I haven’t felt like this since Edwina Currie made that speech about Northerners who smoke too much and eat too many pies.

When the fashion police come to get me I hope my plea that I only go ‘hood up’ when its raining will work. Otherwise they might make me wear an orange jacket.

2. Last night I had Bruschetta for dinner with some friends.

And people thought I was rather odd when I laughed as the food was brought to the table. So, yes I did have to explain. And yes, its an in-joke among a few of us isn’t it? And yes, I know, it isn’t the slightest bit amusing when you try to explain it to people who don’t read this blog or the Guardian very often.

So I’m sat there in a hooded Nike top eating Bruschetta. What does that make me? A lumpen member of the leftish middle classes?