Those SWP War Predictions

I was disappointed to note that the latest Socialist Worker newspaper ‘Coming Events’ section doesn’t advertise any meetings to build a mighty movement against the latest imperialist warmongers plans.

It’s all very well announcing the launch of the Socialist Film Club in London or plugging the upcoming Poetry and Poverty night in Birmingham but surely a more important use of comrades’ time would be organising against the forthcoming bombing predicted on the tenth petition listed in the ‘Other Resources’ section of the paper ?

This week George Bush said the idea of an attack on Iran was “ridiculous” but his sentence was “having said that, all options are on the table.” It is clear that Bush is gearing up to start another war. Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector who exposed the lies about WMD’s in Iraq, says that Bush has “signed off” plans to bomb Iran and already named a day to attack in June. Bush also has Syria in his sights. We’ve seen the bloodbath caused by Bush’s illegal war in Iraq and we don’t want thousands more deaths. We call on the British government to oppose any military action against Iran and Syria and demand the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.

War in June ? That’s only two weeks away.

Either this lack of concern for the forthcoming war is an oversight caused by celebrating the re-election of George Galloway to parliament – in which case Harry’s Place is happy to remind the Comrades of their duty to oppose the illegal war plans against Iran – or the witless chumps who’ve been pushing the petition in people’s faces in High Streets up and down the land have wasted their Saturday Mornings for the last few months.