Vote 2005

“A Welcome Victory”

There were howls of derision from Respect supporters when yesterday I warned of the dangers of communalism and pointed out that there were two parties putting forward such politics in last week’s elections – Respect and the BNP.

The objectors missed the point entirely – I was not trying to smear Galloway or suggest that Respect’s politics were racist in the way the BNP’s are but simply point out that they have adopted the same communalist approach of appealing to voters on the basis of their ethnic identity and warn of the common dangers both communalist parties present.

The BNP know all about communalist politics; their entire strategy has always been based on an appeal to whites as whites – and not surprisingly they have welcomed Respect’s arrival on the scene.

I don’t normally link to the BNP’s website but on this occassion there is no way around it. The following passages are taken from the fascist’s own post-election analysis:

The future for British politics is the growth in support and power of the ethno-specific political parties like the BNP, the Peoples’ Justice Party and Respect. As parties like Respect grow in power and influence and further radicalise the ethnic communities they represent, then the indigenous British White community of Britain will come to understand that they can no longer avoid the politics of Identity Politics for themselves.

…. The success of Respect is the end of the White Liberal Consensus on Multi-Culturalism. It is an irony of history that the first ethnic community to throw off the yoke of Multi-Culturalism and openly embrace Identity Politics by getting an elected representative in Parliament are the Asian Muslim immigrants themselves and their white, self hating, communist collaborators.

The victory of George Galloway and his Soviet/ Islamic Front Group ‘ Respect ‘ which is run by an Islamic/Socialist Workers Party alliance is a welcome victory. It reveals the lie that the media and the Liberal Fascist Elite have hidden from the eyes of the British people for decades. It shows that Multi-Culturalism is a lie. This victory demonstrates very clearly to the British voters that the Muslim community, when it forms an ethnic bloc in an area, chooses to vote only for those political parties that explicitly promote the interests of the Muslim Community itself.

…..The growth of Identity Politics amongst the Asian Muslim community is a welcome sign of the disintegration of the Liberal Consensus on Multi-Culturalism. When the Asian Muslims themselves reject the multi-cultural social model and embrace political parties that link politics with ethnicity then it becomes increasingly ridiculous and hypocritical for the media to attack the BNP for defending the interests of our community; the White indigenous British National Community.

…..Why should the indigenous white people of Britain be the only ethnic group denied a political party to represent their specific ethnic interests as a community? To do so is racist. This election is a triumph for the BNP.

When the fascists of the BNP welcome your political strategy and even your success, it is time to do some serious thinking.