Vote 2005

Let’s roll

Labour’s claim to be at greater risk in its key battleground seats than the national opinion polls suggest is true, according to a Guardian/ICM marginals survey today.

As all three main parties manoeuvre for last minute advantage 48 hours from polling day, ICM’s campaign polls data shows that Labour’s vote share in 108 key seats where it faces a strong Tory challenge is down from 47% in 2001 to 41%.

Right. Sorry folks but I’m out campaigning from today. Time is better spent knocking on doors. Nonetheless there are such things as laptops and internet cafes – so you can expect some brief updates from the front over the next few days.

What I won’t have time for is the usual browsing of the blogs and news sites so if you see anything that you think merits greater attention please send me or one of the other guys an email.