Vote 2005

Paper endorsements

Late on a Saturday night and heading into that zone where you are not sure whether to go to bed or to stay up to read the Sunday papers when they update their websites.

I tend to go for the latter option because although I love browsing the Sundays in the morning with a strong cup of coffee, a croissant and the remains of last night’s Marlboro Lights, ever since fatherhood those mornings have become increasingly rare events. Sunday mornings, depending on the weather are cartoons, storybooks, scrapping or walks to the park.

Anyway as this is last Sunday before the election, the papers are going to be giving their recommendations on voting. I doubt that newspaper advice makes any difference at all to the outcome of an election but it is still interesting to see what they come up with.

I have a feeling that we will see a lot of mixed messages about ‘sending messages’. Perhaps he only Sunday paper likely to come up with ‘Vote Labour’ will be The Observer? Or they might go for the old school of anti-Tory tactical vote.

As for next week’s broadsheet advice – today’s front page from the Independent gave the game away with them and it wouldn’t be a shock if the Guardian also basically endorsed the Lib Dems, perhaps with some sops to other anti-war candidates and some arse-covering over Labour where they face a direct challenge from the Tories.

What are your tips on the tips?