Vote 2005

Much ado about nothing?

Could there be more puzzlement in store for the Guardian blogger Ros Taylor and her colleagues?

A day after she lectured bloggers, including this one, on our failure to stand to attention and salute the indefatigability of her paper’s coverage of the Attorney General’s advise on Iraq, now it emerges that it wasn’t only the bloggers who failed to swoon over the story.

Tucked away at the bottom of page four in today’s paper inside a Tania Branigan story on Neil Kinnock is this:

Overnight polling returns suggest the controversy over Lord Goldsmith’s advice may have increased the number of undecided voters and hit the prime minister’s personal approval ratings. It does not appear to have affected overall support for the parties.

And as a result of the low impact of the story on voters:

All three parties abandoned the issue of Iraq yesterday and returned to key themes with renewed urgency as they entered the last week of campaigning.

Iraq will still obviously be a factor in the election, possibly a major factor, but it will have been the drip-drip effect of the anti-war media over the past two years that will have been their influence on voters, not the ‘smoking gun’ which turned out to be little more than a water pistol.

Update: Pootergeek joins the fun.