Vote 2005

Pensioner attacked by Respect supporter

This news just in from Bethnal Green and Bow:

Oona King today visited an elderly man who was subjected to an attack by Respect supporters in East London that has left him with a broken nose, cuts to his face and a badly damaged right hand.

Mr Les Dobrovolski, 69, was approached by a group of young men handing out George Galloway’s Respect/SWP literature, last Thursday 21 April, near Spitalfield Market in East London.

After refusing to take a leaflet and telling the men he would never vote for George Galloway, Mr Dobrovolski says he was followed by one of the men and pushed to the floor. The man then stamped on his hand before dropping a Respect leaflet on him and running off.

Mr Dobrovolski was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where he was x-rayed and given stitches. He is scheduled to return to hospital next week for surgery to straighten his broken nose. The police were informed of the attack and are currently investigating.

Oona King said,

“A terrible force has been let loose by the poisonous atmosphere of this campaign – an atmosphere for which Respect is at least partly responsible”

“This incident represents the ugly face of bully-boy political extremism. Les’s courageous stand reminds us all what is at stake here – bully-boy politics has no part in this campaign and must be defeated”

“There are serious concerns about the safety and security of campaigners and voters in this constituency. I call again on George Galloway to adopt all necessary measures for safety and security in this election.”

Oona King with Les Dobrovolski, victim of a violent attack by a Respect leafleter.