Anti Fascism

Partisans and Liberators

E questo e’ il fiore del partigiano
Morto per la libertà.

Today is the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Italy which came at the end of a two year campaign from allied forces. An estimated 313,000 Allied soilders were killed in the battles as troops invaded Italy from Sicily, liberated Rome and worked their way into the North of the country.

April 25th marks the day when Nazi troops left Milan in the face of an uprising and general strike. There were insurrections in Genoa and Turin. Udine and Trieste in the north-east were liberated with the assistance of Yugoslav partisans.

Liberation of Genoa, April 25th.

Railway workers strike leaflet issued in Milan on April 25, 1945.

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In Italian, there is an excellent portal of the war of liberation and anti-fascism in Italy generally. You’ll be greeted by a nice version of the Partisan’s song ‘Bella Ciao’.

Grazie Nonno.