One Million visits

The tracking software tells me that we have just passed one million visits to this site since we moved to this current URL in June, 2003.

What is perhaps more significant is that our daily average for visitors is now past the 3,000 mark. On Thursday we were close to 4,000 visitors and that is without any major incoming links from high-traffic blogs, although we did get a mention on the BBC’s Daily Politics which might have brought in some new readers and our feed to the Guardian’s Election Blog has also helped (Cheers Tom).

I want to use this little milestone to say thanks to the rest of the bloggers – Gene, David T, Marcus and Brownie who have enabled the site to go from being one man and his blog to a more diverse and much more useful forum for discussion.

Thanks are also due to those who have contributed towards our first million – such as Johann and Dot Comrade as well as the various guest posters. Also to Hak Mao for her great help in the site design, to Kathy K for putting up with the constantly late payments for bandwidth, to our advertisers whose support is allowing us to put in place plans for further improving the site and to all those bloggers who have helped spread the word.

The stats also tell me is that a large part of our readers are regulars who visit daily through their own bookmarks. Some of you are broadly supportive of our political outlook but as the comments box shows many of you aren’t. I’d like to thank the majority of you, regardless of your views, who contribute to the discussions in a lively and intelligent way – you add a lot to the site.

But above all thanks to all of you who deem this site worthwhile reading. The stats really don’t mean much – what counts is that we are all having a think and a talk about things that matter.

So back to the conversation.