Vote 2005

Neither Hizb nor Respect

Of course the real position one should take in relation to the clashes between Hizb-Ut-Tahrir and a pro-Ba’athist Catholic politician (see post below) is that of Henry Kissinger on the war between Khomenei’s Iran and Saddam’s Iraq: “It is a pity they can’t both lose”.

Thankfully in Bethnal Green and Bow they both can lose – and hopefully will. One hopes that the voters will reject the thuggery of both Hizb-Ut-Tahrir and Respect.

Because before Respect start blubbing about being victims, it is worth remembering what they have been up to.

According to the Evening Standard, while Galloway has been given a lesson in violent Islamic fundamentalism (which of course he supports in many parts of the world), Ms King came under attack from Respect supporters at the weekend, it emerged today.

One Labour activist, Mohamed Chowdhury, said: “We left the area to chants of “Oona get out’ and ‘get out of our estate’ and were attacked with eggs again. However, when we returned to the car in Toynbee Street we found it covered in eggs. As we got in the car, more eggs were thrown”.

Police are investigating. Witnesses claim the youths wore Respect badges, but there is no suggestion that Mr Galloway knew about or condoned the violence.

That last phrase couldn’t have been inserted by the lawyers could it?

Anyway, I have a hunch that the people of Bethnal Green and Bow will be mightily sick of the thuggery and ‘turf wars’ being carried out on their streets by the reactionaries of Hizb and Respect.

Neither Hizb nor Respect but democratic socialism.