Iraq’s Mujaheddin – Exactly what it says on the tin

The combination of flushing terrorists out of their hiding places in November 2004 and holding popular elections in January 2005 has forced the so-called Iraqi ‘resistance’ to adopt new methods:

A sharp fall in insurgents’ attacks from a peak of 140 a day just before the January 30 elections to 40 a day now had prompted predictions last week that American and British forces would be scaled back next year. The insurgency has been hit hard by mass arrests and offensives against rebel strongholds such as Falluja.

But they’re a long way from being completely finished.

The commander said Zarqawi’s group, known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, had agreed to work with insurgents ranging from Islamic radicals to supporters of Saddam Hussein in a loose affiliation called Iraq’s mujaheddin.

It’s funny how we never hear about the Social Democrats and secular liberals which we’re told by those apparently ‘in the know’ that the movement contains.

It includes Nasserites, former Baathists, secular liberals and social democrats, multi-hued mosque-based networks, and splits from the collaborationist Iraqi Communist and Dawa parties.

Any resistance supporting reader of this blog – and there must be quite a few judging from the comments boxes – who can supply useful information on the socialists and liberals who are busy collaborating with the Saddamites and Al Qaeda shouldn’t be shy about sharing their superior knowledge of Iraqi politics. After all, it’ll be an easy task to identify them won’t it ?