Vote 2005

Here we go

So the election has been called.

On a day when a poll for the Financial Times gives the Tories five points clear of Labour.

The survey of those who describe themselves as “absolutely certain” to vote puts Michael Howard’s party on 39 per cent, Labour on 34 per cent, and Charles Kennedy and the Liberal Democrats on 21 per cent.

…….The survey, conducted at the weekend, shows that 55 per cent of the electorate say they will definitely go to the ballot box. If this result were replicated on election day, MORI says it would result in a hung parliament, with Labour as the biggest party in the Commons having 27 seats more than the Conservatives.

Let’s have no more of this nonsense that talking about the threat of a Tory victory is ‘scaremongering’. If you are going to make a ‘protest’ vote you do so now in the full knowledge that it might be Michael Howard you are protesting to from May 6th.

If you want a Labour government, you have to vote for it.

Gene adds: Reading some of the comments to this post, I’m reminded of what I wrote about the sneering attitude of some on the far Left to the US Presidential election last year:

How do you describe a reasonably well-off ideologue who is prepared to see others (less well-off) suffer for his purer-than-thou beliefs?

How about “elitist”?