Vote 2005

Election Express

This is going to be the first UK election in the age of blogs and popular online media and so expect a number of new sites to sprout up in the coming days.

A few people have already noted Channel Four’s Fact Check which promises to examine the reality behind the claims and counter-claims. If it works it could find itself a very influential as well as useful site.

The Guardian have their Election 2005 Blog online today with their own material plus headline feeds from a selection of blogs covering UK politics. They do seem to be obsessed with George Galloway today – I can’t understand why people pay him so much attention.

Another place to catch up with what bloggers are saying about the election is Bloggers For Labour which brings together posts from all manner of Labour supporting blogs. It could well come into its own as a place to get localised info and insight from campaigners out knocking on the doors.