The immodest Mr. Crowe

I can’t claim to have knowingly heard any of Russell Crowe’s musical stylings, but this is from Friday’s Washington Post:

True, Russell Crowe has never been short of ego, but man alive. The actor, who also fancies himself a singer, is releasing an album on his own, tentatively called “My Hand, My Heart,” or so he writes on his Web site. (FYI: Crowe’s band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, has been disbanded.)

Anyway, here’s how Crowe describes his first single, “Raewyn:” “It is the only song I’ve ever written that has made both men and women cry, think, and call their parents, usually in that order. I have e-mails from Sting and Billy Bragg, two of my songwriting heroes that give testament to the quiet power of the song.”

Crowe blabs on further about his latest foray into music: “This record is fresh, revelatory and graceful.” If you say so.