I think it was Peter Cuthbertson who was talking to me not so long ago about how so many lefties are capable of holding their own in a long and complex debate with other lefties about doctrinal differences but clam up if they have to actually take on arguments from Tories or Christians or free-market libertarians or whatever.

I was reminded of that conversation by this amusing post from a RESPECT activist who was engaged by a Mormon in York and felt like having a discussion:

What I should have done at this point was ask him whether the Church of the Latter Day Saints had anything to say about Third World poverty, US Imperialism, the war in Iraq and so on. I should have asked him whether The Church of the Latter Day Saints fights against starvation, oppression and the disgusting inequalities of wealth presided over by the Bush administration and all the rest of it. But I didn’t. I just got mad/scared and I couldn’t think straight. I mumbled something about having to be somewhere else and started to walk away very quickly.

Honestly, if they can’t handle the attentions of a friendly Morman how are they going to cope with overthrowing global capitalism?