The Scandal of Sudan

More than 180,000 people have died from hunger and disease during the last 18 months of the Darfur conflict, the United Nations said yesterday, as negotiations continued at its New York headquarters to break the deadlock on a new security council resolution to impose sanctions on the Sudanese government.

Brian Grogan, a spokesman for Jan Egeland, the UN emergency relief coordinator, said an average 10,000 Sudanese civilians were dying a month, much higher than earlier estimates. They were victims mainly of starvation or of disease in refugee camps after being driven from their villages by Sudanese soldiers and government-backed Janjaweed militiamen. The estimates exclude those killed in the fighting.

…..The UN security council failed to reach agreement on a new resolution last week. The US blamed Russia and China for blocking a proposal to introduce limited sanctions. Others on the security council blamed the US because of its objection to referring the perpetrators to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

10,000 civilians a month are dying in Sudan and the UN security council is debating what kind of court to send the murderers to and what system of sanctions will be ignored?

How about stopping the murders?