Anti Fascism

Antifash fashion

Probably the best anti-fascist tee-shirt ever produced in the UK:


Always read the small type:


If you are struggling to read that the RAF symbol is made up of the words “1945-2005. Never Forget / Never Again: Celebrating the Defeat of Fascism”

1945 was a victory won by the extraordinary heroism of ordinary people. A defeat for a politics that begins with hate your neighbour and ends in gas chambers. Today the fascists’ jackboots and blackshirts have been swapped for suits and ties but the danger hasn’t changed. Our T-shirt reminds them we haven’t forgotten. All profits help fund local Searchlight campaigns against the BNP. Just £9.99 in adult small (36 inch chest/90 cms), medium (40 inch /100 cms), large (44 inch / 110cms) and X-large (48 inch / 120cms). Short Sleeves only.

You can buy the tee-shirt here.