Medialens presents – Pilgerblog

A historic day for the British blogosphere. Yes, Medialens are blogging.

In fact they have launched not one blog but a stable of six new blogs including one from John Pilger.

OK, Pilger hasn’t posted anything yet but Medialens editors David & David say they will let him know the site is online soon.

In fact the Davids are very excited: To our knowledge it’s a UK first, allowing even more discussion and debate on the British media and related issues.

Exactly what is a “UK first” we aren’t told. Perhaps it is the first time people have launched blogs with no content? No links? No way of anyone else being able to link to any of the posts?

Or perhaps it is the minimalist design of these ‘blogs’ that are “a UK first”? I’ve certainly never seen anything of their like before.