Broadest Possible Unity

The Stoke the war Coalition held their Annual Conference last Saturday.

Of note to Harry’s Place readers will be the following two items:

1. According to the report George Galloway criticisd a motion that called for solidarity with “democratic, secular and socialist forces” on the grounds that it was “not for us to comment on any political stripe”. Hmmm. More on that later.

2. An affiliated Trades Union wanted a policy resolution against the recent trend for the resistance to murder workers representatives. To be fair to the majority of the delegates it was voted through, but no thanks to you know who.

The RMT moved a motion in this session condemning “unequivocally” the assassination of IFTU international secretary Hadi Saleh and all other attacks on trade unionists in Iraq. This was passed without any debate, but without the votes of the SWP, whose comrades abstained.

I can only presume that a sizable number of Galloway/SWP line Stoppers might be in the market to purchase a T-shirt which reads:

Solidarity with undemocratic, theocrat capitalists – down with the workers !