‘Harry’s Place’: structural position or place of enunciation?

No, not Harry’s Place– ‘Harry’s Place’.

Superficially, ‘Harry’s Place’ embodies a compromised, contradictory position – caught between nominal identification with the left and effective identification with a Rightist agenda. But there is no contradiction here if we bear in mind the difference between Imaginary and Symbolic identification…

Wow. And all this time I thought I was just, y’know, writing stuff.

What’s next? A university Department of ‘Harry’s Place’ Studies?

Update: Mr. Kaplan at charlotte street has appended his original post as follows:

[The slow-witted should be aware that the comic disparity between the abstruse theoretical language and the drab insufficiency of the object to which it is ‘applied’ is not unintentional].

Oh. I get it. Ha ha.