Comments (yet again)

Last week I was travelling with work, staying in hotels and all that – yet I had to spend time in the evenings deleting racist comments from this site. Not exactly a fun use of time.

So, from today, we have a slightly new way of dealing with comments. Unacceptable posts can be deleted by a number of people connected with the site – not just me – and we will be being tougher. Don’t bother complaining or asking why your post was deleted- we won’t reply. The same goes if you are banned.

Also we will be operating a system of optional comments on posts – not every item will be open for comments and discussions. Most will be open I suspect, but I don’t think we need a repeat of every debate about the rights or wrongs of the Iraq war or about the foundation of Israel.

I’ll repeat the crux of what I posted as guidelines a few months ago after the comments were re-opened:

While all shades of political opinion are welcome, I will not tolerate racism, anti-semitism, homophobia and sexism. If you think that is ‘too PC’ than there are other places you can post your views – I’m not paying for your platform.

I am perfectly happy to have anti-war opinions in the comments boxes but I won’t tolerate supporters of terrorism. If you post that sort of stuff it will be deleted and I will do my best to ban you.

Secondly, regarding the tone of the debate, we all should know where the limits are but as a general guide I think it is useful to stop and think if you would express yourself in such a way to the other person’s face.

In fact, you never know, one day you might actually find yourself in the same room as the person you are insulting, so think on.

Oh and don’t use multiple identities. Use a handle or nickname if you must but keep to the same one, it gets silly otherwise.