Hadi Saleh Letter

This letter about Hadi Saleh’s recent murder in today’s Guardian demonstrates the growing number and increasing strength of those in the labour movement who reject the “by any means neccessary” brigade”.

We agree with the IFTU that Iraqi working people have lost a brave trade union leader who dedicated three decades of his life to fighting Saddam’s dictatorship. He fought for a democratic, peaceful and federal Iraq which would unite Iraqis regardless of their background, ethnicity or religion.

As for the Stoppers, here’s what the Socialist Workers Party’s leading academic thought about the cold-blooded murder of a man who paid for his ideals with his life:

“The assassination of an Iraqi Communist Party leader who supports the occupation has provoked a hullabaloo in the media and the unions here in Britain”

You might want to get used to the “hullaballoo”. Trades Unionists don’t like their comrades being murdered by Baathist thugs, even if it is a tactic you consider the Iraqi resistance have a legitimate right to employ.