The Little Helper is back

News from the RESPECT Coalition:

At a packed selection meeting of East London Respect…….George Galloway MP was unanimously selected to stand for Respect in Bethnal Green and Bow.

Unanimously. We are not told if there was more than one candidate but either way 100% of the vote is a pretty impressive start for George. I bet he has long been dreaming about a result like that.

Talking of people who are well used to getting around 100 percent of the vote, Galloway is planning to write a book about one – no, not that one, its his new dictator friend Fidel Castro.

“I have agreement for full, exclusive and unfettered access to all archive pictures in Cuba,” he said. “I will write narratives to go with each picture, based on a series of several interviews with Fidel Castro. It could, though, just turn out to be one meeting as I have met him several times and one hour meetings can turn into four or five hours.

Galloway added that Castro was a respected figure who had survived numerous attempts on his life. “He is the most impressive person I have ever met,” he said. “A most charismatic man at 78 years of age. A total of 11 American presidents have tried to kill him and use their power to try and destroy his revolution.”

…..It will consist of photographs from Castro’s rise to power to the present day including access to Cuba’s own picture library with the MP penning Castro’s comments and recollections on each photograph. The book is due to be published in May next year.

Hmm, I haven’t read a book like that for ages, for some reason they seemed to go out of fashion around 1989. And I can’t see him doing a Pollard on the serialisation rights for that one can you?

But I suppose it will give him something to do in between Oona King kicking his ass out of parliament and waiting for that breakfast show slot to become avaliable on Tayside Radio.

And don’t forget he might need a bob or two if the The Telegraph win their appeal.


“Sir, do you think the Quality Street will go down well in Havana?”