Omar’s understandable confusion

Omar at Iraq the Model has an interesting post about how it took him several months to discover that there was a left side of the blogosphere– mainly because virtually all the links to his site came from rightwing blogs.

It was really confusing to me in the beginning that liberals would not support the change in Iraq (remember we were isolated so we didn’t know much about that) even though they were against Bush, as it’s over now and any humanist should (in my mind) support democracy and peace in Iraq. Besides, I’ve always considered myself a liberal! On the other side, I had a bad impression that many of the people on the right were fanatics and racist! How much did we learn in this year!

I think Omar may be making a mistaken assumption that in the West, “right”=pro-war and “left”=antiwar. For example he seems to consider Jeff Jarvis’s Buzz Machine a rightwing blog, which it is not.

But when the overwhelming majority of links came from conservative blogs, what was he to think? And whose fault is that?